A younger you in 6 months

Over the next six months, we will take you on an exciting journey. Use the latest findings from longevity research and cultivate powerful new habits in your life to feel more vital, younger and full of energy every day!

This thing with good intentions...

Why do we actually prefer to choose new beginnings such as Mondays or the New Year to start new routines? The answer lies in behavioral psychology. We use, consciously or unconsciously, the so-called "restart effect". Our brain assigns previous shortcomings to a different time frame. This gives us the chance to create a new image of ourselves at the time of the restart and makes us more motivated to follow through(study).

To successfully build a habit, it is helpful to understand what happens in your brain when actions become habits. Every action we perform consists of three steps:

  • Trigger: The signal that sets an action in motion
  • Reaction: The behavior in response to the signal
  • Reward: The benefit we gain from the habit

Over time, these activities become ingrained habits as our brain builds a strong network of neurons to support these habits. Our habits therefore change the nature of our brain. We can use this insight to build new habits that become easier and easier over time.

Behavioral psychology has some tips to help us build and maintain new habits. Here are the top three tips:

  1. Stack habits: one of the best ways to build a habit is to identify a current habit you're already cultivating and then "stack" your new behavior on top of it.
  2. Start small: It's tempting to write yourself a whole long list of new habits you want to implement in the new year. However, research shows that we have a better chance of success if we start with smaller goals and bring in continuity.
  3. Patience: It takes at least 18 days for a new activity to become a habit. During this time, it is quite normal to find the change a little more difficult. Keep at it anyway, it's worth it!

The next 6 months have been designed to introduce you to a new habit each month. Some habits will be easier for you, others will be a challenge. But use each month to integrate the habit into your life to reap the health benefits. Once you have completed a month, you can decide whether you want to continue with the habit and continue to build new healthy habits. Our supplements provide you with optimal support and ensure that you can easily integrate at least one healthy habit into your everyday life every day. We wish you lots of fun!

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6 challenges in 6 months to build new habits


1st month: Fasting

Fasting is a powerful method of positively influencing our ageing process and helping our body to regenerate at cellular level. Find out how you can easily integrate fasting into your everyday life.


2nd month: Cold therapy

What doesn't kill us makes us stronger. This proverb also has its application in biology. Through the targeted use of cold, we strengthen our body and set powerful rejuvenation processes in motion. We will show you how.


3rd month: Sleep

While we sleep, our brain is freed from proteins and waste products that accumulate during the day, which mainly happens during deep sleep. In the REM sleep phase, its memory is formed and consolidated. Only when we sleep long enough do we give our body the opportunity to circulate through both sleep phases. Use the latest scientific findings for optimal sleep hygiene.


4th month: Walking

Perhaps one of the most underestimated forms of exercise, walking is an effective lever for improving our health and well-being. Those who take daily walks not only live healthier but also longer.


5th month: Breath

Do you sometimes let little things stress you out unnecessarily? There is a simple trick. Simply breathe the stress away: a number of research findings prove that breathing properly is an essential part of effectively coping with stress and anxiety. We show you powerful breathing exercises to effectively regulate your nervous system and cultivate a relaxed attitude to life.


6th month: Nutrition

More energy, a sunny mood, no food cravings and glowing skin. By controlling your blood sugar levels with our simple but effective tricks, you can get all these benefits in one go.

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