Gibt es überhaupt veganes Kollagen und wenn ja, was ist es genau?

Does vegan collagen even exist and if so, what is it exactly?

More and more people are choosing a vegan lifestyle for health, ethical or environmental reasons. In doing so, many are asking the question, "Is there such a thing as vegan collagen?" The short answer to this is: there is no such thing as naturally occurring vegan collagen, but there are certainly collagen analogs. But what exactly is behind this term, and what advantages do they offer over traditional collagen? In this blog post, we'll get to the bottom of it.

Collagen: The building blocks of our body

Collagen is an essential protein that is responsible for the strength and elasticity of the skin, hair, nails and joints in our body. It is formed mainly from amino acids. These amino acids are present in certain ratios in animal and human collagen.

From animal to biomimetic collagen

Traditionally, collagen is derived from animal sources, such as cattle or fish. One problem with this is that animal collagen is not identical to human collagen. This can mean that it is not optimally absorbed or used by the human body.

But thanks to advances in biotechnological research, amino acids can now be produced in the laboratory. This involves fermentation processes that use only plant-based starting materials. These processes allow amino acids to be assembled in exactly the same proportions as those found in human collagen. This is referred to as biomimetic collagen.

Biomimetic collagen: a revolutionary alternative

Biomimetic collagen is not only a vegan alternative to traditional collagen, but also represents an identical copy of human collagen. The advantage? It can be better absorbed and used by the human body.

So for vegans and anyone looking for an effective, ethical and eco-friendly alternative, biomimetic collagen offers a real solution.

Collagen Plus: your extra for skin and strength from within.

Through scientific progress, it is now possible to produce high-quality collagen analogs that perform the same functions as traditional collagen with the advantages of being identical to human collagen. The biomimetic collagen found in Kollagen Plus is produced via a patented fermentation process, using only plant-based starting materials. We are convinced that biomimetic collagen sets new standards - not only for vegans, but for everyone who values quality, ethics and sustainability.

For those looking for an effective, vegan and sustainable source of collagen, Kollagen Plus with biomimetic collagen® is the answer.

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